Welcome to another week and opportunity to push through the maze of accomplishing your dreams for 2014.
Last year we had someone come to visit with us from another country, and she was with us for a while. One day she told me she had been watching us (my family and friends) since she came, and she noticed that we paid cash for everything and wondered how that worked. She specifically went on to ask me how come we never ran out of money. I remember that my off the cuff response to her was because we had an ‘abundance mentality’. As she pressed me for an explanation, I realised that this mentality is the only reason we have been able to live our lives at the level we have lived.
Last week was one tough one for me; dream wise. It seemed like a lot of things came to a dead end and considering how we closed the year, it just was tough. As I sat at my desk staring at my SOA on one hand and a list of to do things on the other, I started to wonder what I was going to do. In a matter of hours, I could feel the panic setting in, and all kinds of negative scenario started to play in my mind concerning the business.
That was when I remembered this conversation I had over seven months ago, and the only thing I could ask myself was; what happened? How did I go from the person who had such a mentality to someone who is panicky all of a sudden? So here is how I am dealing with it.
First what is an abundance mentality? An abundance mentality a mind-set that you will always have what you need irrespective of what happens.
Here is what I realised:
1. I was operating in FEAR. This was a surprise because I remember that I came into this year very confident in what I had heard God speak to me; so why am I fearful now? What changed? Upon further reflection, I realised I was afraid because all week I had closed my mouth rather than profess what it is that I have heard and believed.
2. Secondly I had heard too many stories of deaths, accidents, near deaths and all kinds of negativity so early in the year and somehow had allowed myself to soak in the toxins that came with each piece of news without realising it, and this coloured my outlook on life.
3. The combination of these two above, made me begin to look at everything around me with the expectation that something might go wrong soon.
Essentially, I couldn’t see abundance from where I stood because I was focused on the wrong things, and even though I wasn’t speaking the negativity, I wasn’t speaking the positive either.

So how am I working through?
1. I am fighting FEAR with FAITH because I do know from experience that both cannot dwell in the same place. Rather than see a training room and wonder will anyone attend, I focus on the value the training offers and how people’s lives will be better because of it. At the same time, I am looking for collaborators who will be able to get the word out, and I am learning what else I can do in the physical to ensure that people know about the trainings.
2. I am deliberately closing my ears to all the bad news flying around. When I am unable to avoid hearing them, I have decided never to repeat them even by way of passing information to others. I am also unsubscribing from all the emails (that I didn’t subscribe for in the first place; that only circulate bad news). I shall not be participating in toxicity going forward. I am watching my gates.
3. Finally, I have also decided to paint in words and pictures vivid illustrations of what I know my year can look like and begin to work them out.
Should you be traveling dream land and feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to deal with; beginning of the year and all that, then join me in renewing your mind; exchange the fear and lack mentality for an abundance mind-set.
I have noticed that the moment I started to look at things differently and started to speak words that aligned with what I wanted to see the gloomy feeling began to lift.
Tell me, what has your month being like? What are you afraid of? Do you have an abundance mentality? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below.
You will make it NeverTheLess; we will make it. I promise.
Here is to your success.

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