2018 feels very stale already, or is it just me?  Welcome!

For quite some time now, I have had to follow hard on this journey 80% of the time not sure where I am headed.  Most people think of me as the queen of clarity but the truth is, while I am not confused about what I should be doing nor wonder if I am doing the right thing, because I know I am, I can not claim that I know what the day will bring or why.   The difficult part is not trying to discern what direction I am meant to travel.  The difficult part is despite the fact that I know where I am headed, I am never certain what will come up on the way.  It is kind of using a GPS, you can be sure that if the GPS is not broken it will navigate you to your destination.  Occasionally, it might even tell you that there is an unusual congestion along the way and suggest an alternative route, what it cannot tell you is what might have caused the delay or congestion you are likely to face.

In life, unlike the GPS, most of the time, you are not even given an inkling of what might happen on the way.  There are no flags or voice prompts telling us of the congestion ahead until we are in it most of the time.  Yes, I know the power of the Holy Spirit, but if you are honest, does it not perplex you that even with the Holy Spirit you can be caught by surprise or even unclear?  When this happens to me, I always wonder what it would take God to just let me know I would be spending an additional hour on the trip, and I am pretty sure you wonder too.  Last time I checked it does not cost Him anything to let us know and some of the time He does, so I can tell it is not a capacity issue.  If it is not a capacity issue, why won’t He just yell ‘look out’, so I can avoid the congestion or delay?   I wish I can tell you why…

This one thing I know and I am willing to share is the fact that as capable and complete as our God is and as well as He means for us, He is not in the business of making it easy, He is in the business of deep.  He wants us to get it, not just the destination but especially the journey.  He wants us to understand the route because after the first trip He wants to be able to entrust others to us to take along.  If you don’t understand the terrain for yourself, how will you be able to take others with you?  Then there is the other very tiny issue of FAITH.  Our father transacts by faith, whatever you will do and achieve in Kingdom will be achieved by faith and if this is the case, how will your faith grow if you know the journey like the back of your hand?  A little surprise here, a little thrill there, the excitement of making it even without any one showing you the way, all come together to weave a rich tapestry for your life and consequently your story.

So tell me, will you still go even if you can’t see what is on the other side?  I am going already…

Embrace Your Super Power!



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