Last week, I received an email from my Platform building community asking how I have fared concerning the goals I set for this year. While it may seem nothing was special about the question,something was peculiar about the way they went about asking. And it was that rather than just ask the question and pull back, they actually gave me the option of taking action by not just thinking through what I had done or not done; but to write down for them my three top goals and how far (if at all) I had gone regarding them.
That simple exercise was such a blessing to me because it awakened me to the reality that time was fast running out which meant that some of the things I had hoped to do by this time that are not done, either have to get back on my priority list or moved into my goal list for next year.

After that exercise, I thought to prod you too and ask, WHERE IS YOUR GOAL LIST? This question is one that we all must answer at least three times in the course of the year so we can stay reminded of what we had committed to do but also so we can review the goals we had set and ascertain if we are still on track or if we had gotten side tracked.
Here are a few reasons why you should make the effort to look for that list:

1. Because life happens; goal list or not. I do know at least one person who started out the year with very audacious and authentic goals of repositioning their business and running very far in 2014. Unfortunately by the middle of January they suffered a major health blow and their entire life is now built around staying alive one day at a time. Anyone in this kind of situation is no longer thinking about their gaols when everything was fine; instead, they now are getting new goals. Hopefully the life that happened to you wasn’t anything as scary as the situation described above, however, life happens and we may need to ascertain what new goals we might need under the new circumstances.
Deliberately celebrate the successes you have achieved. In going through that exercise for my Platform University, I realised that because of the pace at which the unplanned have happened around me, I have not even taken time to celebrate the progress I have made let alone enjoy them. Once I finished the exercise and I could tell that I had for instance written seven out of my eight chaptered book set for release in July, I ordered me a reward. (Don’t ask what it is as I am not telling). The point is I could say to myself girl you have done well. The fallout is I am pumped to tackle the next difficult item on my list.
Discover if you have the right tools or resources. In going through the exercise, I also realised that I was behind on some of the items on my list. However, I realised it wasn’t exactly because I had not done my bit, but some of my vendors or team mates were not pulling their weight. I also realised that this was a leadership issue so I have started to make adjustments to how I am leading this team and moving a few things around to ensure that things move along according schedule.

Determine what has now become an unrealistic goal. That one exercise also opened my eyes to the fact that one of my goals is no longer feasible for this year, and I have consequently adjusted both my expectations and plans to reflect that. This keeps discouragement and the feeling that you have failed away while making course correction possible.

Your goal list is the GPS with which you travel this year and no man leaves his GPS at home while traveling to new territory. So it is time to look for that Goal List wherever you kept it, and begin to review and make the required adjustments.

It is my confidence that we will make it NeverTheLess.

Here is to your success!


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