“The secret of surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep, because every hand is a winner and every hand is a loser.” – Kenny Rogers (Gambler)

Life is full of pressures; there is so much we are expected to do – from the daily hustle and bustle of living to the constant demand of family, academics, business and relationships. How then do we achieve our goals and fulfil our dreams?  One key is to know those things that only you can do in moving your dream forward and if you want to go far you need to focus on them.
Everyone is optimised to win in life just as we are all resourced in our DNA to be successful. What we do with that resource determines whether we succeed or not. Whether a parent, a business executive or craftsman, you must know when to hold on and when to fold up. It is important to learn to give priority to the things that matter in every season!

Today’s show will help you:

• Take a look at your life and ensure that you give priority to the things that are important.
• Discern the difference between what is urgent and what is important
• Recognise that your season will determine what is important to you
• Understand that clarity does not come in one day so take it one step at a time
• Realise that living by the law of importance will help you form the right collaborations
• Learn that Important Things should not be done sporadically or periodically but daily and consistently
• Ascertain what is important to you and make sure they find their way into your schedule on a daily and regular basis.

There are many things that will jostle for our attention, learning to give attention to ‘Important Things’ is a vital rule of success.

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