“The whole world is a narrow bridge. The important thing is to have no fear”. Hasidic Master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Have you ever set a big goal then you suddenly became afraid or start to doubt if you could really achieve it? I have been there several times. Whether we like it or not, fear is a part of life and its only objective is to cripple and stop us from achieving our desired goals. We have the choice to either allow it hold us down or spur us to succeed.

For most of us, fear presents differently and can be difficult to discern.  Do you know how your fear presents?

Fear is a clear and present danger to every goal and the journey to destiny. Whether in business or in our daily lives, there comes a time when we need to decide to continue or go beyond our fears regardless of what we think might happen. Amazingly, most of the time, we are stronger than we think we are and what is before us isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Is fear keeping you from achieving your goal? Whatever your answer is, fear cannot be the reason why you didn’t get it done. Today’s show:

1. Examines the four different ways fear presents itself
2. Provides instruction on how to move on despite the fears that we face daily
3. Gives clear understanding of the fact that fear is part of life and we have to deal with it
4. Explains the danger of retreating or sabotaging your dreams because of fear
5. Helps you identify the face your own fear is wearing and practical ways to deal with it

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