God has an expected end in mind for us and has given each of us a vehicle with which we will reach that expected end – to deliver glory to Him! But in order to achieve this, we must distil what our individual purpose is, understand our vision and know our mission clearly. What then is the difference between Purpose and Destiny if any? How do Vision or Mission enhance our journey?

Today’s podcast helps you discern the difference between these four commonly used words: Purpose, Destiny, Vision and Mission, and shows you how each one relates to the other in your life.

In this podcast, you will:

1. Understand what Destiny really is.
2. Discern the difference between Destiny and Purpose and how each one relates to the other.
3. Recognize the uniqueness of your purpose and understand that you’ve been called to fulfil it
4. Gain insight and consequently courage to stand out and live the life designed for you to
live – a purposeful one!
5. Appreciate the difference and the importance of having a vision and a mission statement.
6. Learn that though we are all called to run differently; we are not in a competition.
7. Realise that in the end we all are fighting to deliver on the same thing.

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Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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  1. As individuals it is ideal that we discover our God given purpose here on earth. To take a step concerning issues of life that matter to us about our destiny without the help of God will be futile. Also when one tries to achieve his or her purpose using the wrong vehicle he or she displeases God. It is important not to get distracted in following up our mission. One has to have a good clear vision so as not to fall by the way side. In pursuing our course in life`s journey we should remember to be faithful to God, our nation, society, ourselves and the world at large.

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