The last three weeks have been a great learning experience for me. I have been blessed with the opportunity of a new lesson and every day. I have had to open myself to new possibilities and with all these new things, I have had the opportunity to learn and relearn.
One lesson that showed up every day as I went from one place is the focus of today’s blog. In our life journey, we usually will come across a lot of people; some who intimidate us because of what they have achieved; others who inspire us because of their achievements; and yet others who bring us clarity for the next season of our lives by what they have achieved; Then there are those, who make us feel good because of what they have achieved or not achieved.
The one trait that is common to all these people is potential. Each one of them carries something that they have worked to become; powerful, intimidating, inspiring and such like. Each one of them is packed full with so much potential that their lives become lessons we can learn from whether good or bad.
So what is Potential? Potential is having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future. It is also, latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.
If we take a look at both definitions one word jumps out and it is; `Develop’. Potential has been put in us, whether in form of a dream or a business and it is usually the seed to all the greatness that we seek. But somehow, it is also the reason so many people have not moved from the spot they have been at.
You see potential in itself is not proof that you are deserving of success or greatness. That you have been blessed with the gift to get it done is just the first part of the journey and unfortunately it is the smaller piece of the equation. Potential, must be worked out to make sense, it must be worked out if we want to birth the greatness that we seek.
So yes, there are things I can do without having to prepare; I am graced with the ability to speak, but if every time I have to speak, I refuse to prepare because I am graced; a day will come when I may not be able to wing it.
What is the point of this post you ask? I am saying that on this trip I came across a lot of people and one thing we all have in common is potential. But for some of us that was where it ended; at the potential they carry, because developing it required work and sweat and sometimes unpalatable situations, so some of us have froze and are just going through the motions.
How do you know then that someone is on the right path? Well, not only will they be gifted, they will also be willing to get their hands dirty to work the gift into greatness. I know this because everywhere I went, people gravitated towards those who have paid the price to develop their potential into a product, service, business etc.
Folks the gift doesn’t make you great except you put your hands on the plow to work it. Potential will always highlight you in the crowd and sometimes make others pick you. However, when you enter the room, the rule of the game changes… what will keep you inside that room is not your potential but your proof that you are ready to move from seed level to a harvest.
So what is the big idea that you have? What gifts surround you that can make the big idea a huge success? Now that you have identified it, it is time to roll up your sleeves and do what you need to do; get your hands dirty, sweat, humble yourself and remain teachable and when you need to prove your commitment by making a sacrifice, please do so! Seriously, people, your potential is not proof that you deserve anything. Your only proof is that you are aligned with the demands of your potential and you are willing to work it out.
I know you can make it. It may be dark; but you are graced with potential and if you will arise to the demand of the greatness that potential can bring and begin to work it out. You will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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