Hello people it has been four weeks since I last brought any fresh insights your way and it is not for want of trying. First it was because we were in the heat of planning our annual conference ROTH(Return of the Helper), then after the conference; which was such a huge success, I realised that it was time to step back and take it all in. There was a need to step back and take a deep breath and process it all. I realised that I didn’t have to report it all just yet, but that there was a deep need within me to just take time out and ponder and enjoy the moments by myself.
The truth is that life has just been great! So many really good things have happened around me this year 2013 consistently that I knew I had a responsibility to ensure that I didn’t get missing in all the celebrations and excitement of the good ness of God to me individually, my family and my team. It was time to step back from it all and ask “What do I really want?.
In living and walking the path of our dreams, there comes a time after a lot of toiling that things just fall in place and even though you know you had worked really hard in the past; you can also be honest with yourself and admit that this time you didn’t do so much but momentum and God’s good grace is responsible for the success that you enjoy in the moment.
However, because success tends to somehow attract a lot of activity and a lot of frenzy, it just so happens that this is also the time that most people begin to make the wrong decisions. The tendency to become presumptuous and act like we have arrived takes over and before we can say great, it all comes crumbling down.
So is success short lived? No that is not what I am saying; I am saying that as important as it is to celebrate our successes we should also take time to ask. Does this fulfil? Does this satisfy really? Is this the reason I set out? Or am I focusing on the externals alone?
So I refused to post, I decided to process and keep processing until I can answer the question that yes this is what I want. I refuse to post until I can tell that the bright lights will not sway me and distract me. I refuse to post because in the end, there is an objective and whether I like it or not, I must be able to say that the stuff that I have received have been deployed well towards the objective that we had set out.
So you see I had to stop because the last thing I want to be is missing in the action. I know now what it is I want, I know now that the objective remains the same. I know now that we will be thankful for all the good stuff but those we must pass along we will do our best to pass along to their real owners. I know that success also brings with it a lot of ‘beef’ and I know how to recognise that and I now know that no matter what, I must keep my focus.
In the end, just one thing is required; an ability to know that there is a PURPOSE behind every shiny thing and to be strong enough to let go when that is what is required.
I know your questions may differ from mine; but never forget that you will make it NeverTheLess. After all God’s grace rests on you.
Here is to your success!

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