To be able to deliver at the best level of our lives, one of the things we must seek to know is God’s original intent for us. What was God thinking when He was forming you? Even though we may chance upon success once in a while, most people who make it to destiny or fulfill God’s mandate for their lives are those who discover their original intent and deliberately go after it.

God is our Creator and he has a manual for why he’s created each and everyone of us. He’s given everyone equal opportunities, depending on what He’s called us to be and do. We may not have the same status, level of education or background, but we’ve been gifted with something in our individual DNAs that will help us actualise God’s dream for us.

Today’s show draws life lessons for success from two different individuals and angles. On the show, you will:

• Understand and discover God’s original intent for your life.
• Learn that you are not your situation or circumstance or what you are going through.
• Recognise the value of seeing the big picture and taking one step at a time.
• Challenge yourself to start small while thinking global.
• Make excellence your hallmark in pursuing your dream.
• Help you see clearer and remove the ceiling that caps your thoughts.
• Discern disaster even in the most inspiring and intriguing stories and lives around you.

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