I am convinced that every purpose is designed for a specific location first and foremost before its benefit can spread to other places. A Martin Luther King Jr, with his peculiar purpose would have been a waste anywhere else but in America. A Joseph would not have been useful had he not been in prison in Egypt at the time when he was.

To fulfil your purpose, you must be at the right location. While some people need to leave their current location to fulfil their purpose elsewhere, others need to remain where they are and just fit into why they are there. Whichever side of the divide you fall, God can use you and your being at the right location may be the reason why you will fulfil your purpose.

Today’s podcast challenges you to consider where you are at, because it can be a great indicator of where you are going and what you are called to do in life.

In this podcast, you will:
• Learn that everybody does not find their purpose by the same template. Knowing your
ordained location may be your own template.
• Teach you to discern and determine whether your present location is the right one for you
• Help you discover your purpose where you are planted by assessing what God has put in
you and what your land needs.
• Show you how to transact properly in your present location while you plan your move, if
God has called you to another place.
• Encourage you to find your location in God

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