wheel spining

wheel spiningBrand new week, fourteen days into the New Year, how are you doing?  Because of some unforeseen change that I had to deal with upon reopening for the year, I have found myself working longer hours than usual this early in the year, yet getting back home and feeling like I didn’t accomplish much each day.  I always planned to get into the year running with no downtime.  So I should be proud that I am able to do so much so early in the year while most people are still trying to get off the ground shouldn’t I?

Well, I am actually worried rather than excited with my progress and the reason is simple… I found upon reflections this past weekend that I have been busy working on just one aspect of the dream while every other part has been left unattended to.  And that is the point of today’s post; how does working on just one aspect of our lives or dream impact upon the big picture?

I find that most of us tend to have parts of our lives that are either more demanding or run a little more smoothly than the others and we consequently spend more time on those areas while neglecting the others.  The question is does giving 80% to a particular part and another 60% and yet another 10% make for balanced living?  The unfortunate answer is no, while it may seem like we cannot give the same amount of attention to every part of our dream, it is important that we prioritise and ensure that every aspect of importance is deliberately worked on.

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