Good morning it is a privilege to be alive, and I mean that in every sense. Last week the value of life was mirrored and highlighted to me one more time. All the stories about bereavement I have also heard in such a short time into the New Year make me realise how much of a privilege waking up each day is for us.
So if waking up is not guaranteed for each of us don’t you think we should take the opportunity of being alive a lot more seriously? I believe that we are on earth for a purpose and that, at the end of this life, we will have to give an account to God of how we lived. This both scares and inspires me at the same time. It is scary to know that if I don’t get it right, then I will answer for my lapses; the fact that it is to an Almighty God makes it even scarier. On the other hand it is encouraging to know that as long as I give my best in the end I will be rewarded. I find that whether it is scary or encouraging as long as we get the job done, we will be fine.
Now I want to blow the lid off some of the stuff we all deal with. I used to look at my life and think well, I have a great marriage; my children are doing well, and spiritually I am doing the best that I can; so my life is successful. Lately, I have been blessed with a shift in my thinking though. I have had to take the time to look at my life not only from the lens of these three areas or accounts of my life, but to take a step back and look at my life from the perspective of every aspect. I now realise that my life can be broken down into at least seven spokes of one wheel (spiritual, family, financial, physical, mental, personal and career). I also have been blessed with the understanding that until every account as listed above is doing well; I cannot claim to be successful.
In a nutshell, a balanced life is a successful life. My point today, therefore, is simple, have you taken the time to look at the different accounts that make up your life? Can you boast that each of the accounts is healthy? Do you know that it doesn’t matter how much you have in your bank account if physically you are not healthy, you cannot claim to be successful?
Yes, if your family is the price you pay for success in business; do you know you have no claim to success? So let me propose that we all get out of our ‘slob’ status and begin to do something to ensure we have an all-round successful life please. I can tell you right now that those excuses won’t work. Get off the couch begin a fitness regime just, so you have a longer life to spend all that money you have amassed. Pick up the telephone, call that relative you haven’t spoken to in years, factor a vacation into your schedule this year and purposefully make out the time to spend with your family. Today is all that we can be assured of; we need to use it well.
So what are the tips we can use to get better this year?
1. Agree with what everyone has not dared to tell you; you are a ‘slob’.
2. Take stock. Be brutally honest with you, others may try to deceive you but if you join them to deceive yourself, then there is no hope for you. Tell yourself some hard truth.
3. Decide what you need to change – if your major struggle is weight; then ask yourself what is responsible? If a sweet tooth is the issue, who can change that but you? Map out a plan on what you intend to change.
4. Commit to the change you need. Get yourself an Accountability Partner. Clean out the fridge if you need to. Change your friends if that is what it will take. Just make a commitment.
5. Take it one day at a time. Remember whatever the rut is, it didn’t happen in one day so a quick fix might not be the wisest route for you. Baby steps are good steps in the right direction. However make sure that each day is distilled to a goal and follow through.
6. Review your progress. Celebrate your little triumphs.
7. Remain Consistent. Sometimes these things take time, so please stick with it.
I know now that a balanced life is a successful life; you were born for more than you have right now, and it all begins with a life that is balanced. No matter what happens, I am confident in this one thing; you will make it if you faint not; NeverTheLess, you will make it.
Here is to your success!

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