If You Want Change Then Watch Your Pattern


It is with keen interest that I have observed happenings around our nation and politics since this political dispensation shifted into high gear.

It is with some trepidation that I have followed the news about Bobbi Kristina Brown’s unfortunate hospitalisation and every drama that has trailed that news.

As I have watched some other just as prominent or less prominent happenings around the world and around me, I cannot help but think about the word ‘Patterns’.

What is a pattern? Dictionary defines pattern as a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which something happens or is done. Pattern has synonyms like: system, order, arrangement, method, sequence, structure, scheme, plan, form…

Taking a look at this definition and these synonyms, one thing that is clear is that none of these happenings should come as a surprise to us because if we had been discerning, we would all agree that we could see the hand writings on the wall of history.

Our politics in Nigeria has followed a certain pattern over the years and unless we changed the pattern, hoping for a different result may be a pie in the sky.

If we will be honest without being callous, we would also agree that news about Bobbi Kristina isn’t really news because the patterns in and around her life reflect patterns we had seen before very close to her!

It is said that to get a different result, one needs to change methods. I say, to get a different end of story, we must look at our patterns and change them when they are not serving our dream.

When patterns are taken into consideration, results can be predicted. We don’t get the results we desire, we get the results that our patterns dictate.

So, does this mean we are in for a vicious cycle over and over? Not necessarily, but that pre-supposes the fact that we are tired of what we have and are willing to step out of the patterns we have always known to forge new ways and patterns. This change is uncomfortable and nine times out of ten, those around us will do their best to make us conform to their own patterns. However, the great thing is, regardless of how hard they try, so long as we are determined to change what we have been doing to feed the pattern, even when it takes a while, change will be birth.

So whether it is Nigerian politics or the drama that has trailed Bobbi Kristina and her family; whether it is world politics or our family dynamics, whether it is your dream job or your bridge job, we all need to step back and look hard and long at our patterns; what have we been doing right? What are we doing wrong?

Although not all patterns are bad and we must hold on to those that are not, every other pattern that tears down and destroys must go…

That is why as I observe Nigeria and as I watch the world, as I take a look at my life and my dreams, I am pretty sure that I can tell where success or failure is coming from; they come from patterns.

So even if it takes a while, as long as we have changed the pattern even a bit in Nigeria, the result is bound to be different. It may take longer than we envisage but that is because we are building a new pattern and that can take a while.

The questions are; are you paying attention to your own patterns? Do you like the results you are getting? What patterns need to change? Which ones will you hold on to?  Change will only come if you answer these questions truthfully!

Change is possible for you… You will make it NeverTheLess.

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