When I met my Coach, Anna McCoy, one of the first things she said to me was “do not limit others by your limitations.” This for me was great exposure, because it started me thinking about how to get my dream to bless others beyond my immediate reach, and purview. To be able to do this, I had to think about what options I had to be able to reach them, and when I couldn’t find a way by myself, I realised that I needed to expose myself to people who have gone ahead in the journey and who can show me how to arrive at my destination quicker than I could find the way on my own.
One of the ways to grow in what you do is to take advantage of The Law of Exposure; which basically says that what we expose ourselves to can significantly shape how we think, feel and act. Exposure is the key to becoming exceptional, and living a dream is a journey into the exceptional life.
Living a dream moves you from the ordinary life. Now, to be candid, an ordinary life is easy, has no opposition and is smooth sailing most of the way. However, nobody remembers ordinary people, or talk about them. When you step up and out to pursue your dream, you have bought a ticket out of the ordinary life, into the exceptional one.
However, this trip also isolates you, which is why you need to begin to consider taking on the principle proffered in the Law of Exposure. Applying the Law of Exposure means proactively taking deliberate action daily. It is a step by step intentional decision making exercise. You need to begin to deliberately choose what you will expose your mind to, If what you expose yourself to is not a reflection of what you want to be right now, then there is a need to begin to reconsider what you are feeding your mind and begin to change it to suit your destination.
Points to note are:
1. Living a dream positions you in the 20% of exceptional people
2. Being in the 20% isolates you because you are no longer ordinary.
3. As someone living an exceptional life, you need to intentionally choose what you will expose your mind to.
4. Choose people who have gone ahead in the journey to destiny land, and ask them to expose you to the options that are available to you.
5. Honestly, if you will go far in pursuit of your dream, you need a Coach who will ask you the right questions in order to pull you up into destiny.
1. I am committed to learn something new every day, regarding my area of growth and expertise. I do this through the books I read, the blogs I subscribe to, the podcasts I listen to and ultimately the people I give access to my space.
2. 80% of the things I focus on to learn new daily are those things that lift what I am already doing and want to continue to do. The other 20% I learn for the sake of information.
3. Just like 80% of the things I learn are deliberately sought out, I also spend 80% of my time, thinking, doing, talking about and researching my apostolic mountain.
4. A short pencil is stronger than a long memory so I do my best to document what I read or learn. I take notes when I read, listen to a podcast of even in conversations with people. When I think I will need the information for reference in future, I make a notation of where I first saw or heard it so I can go back to it if I need to.
5. I use what I learn in what I do. Whether teaching, writing or coaching I make it a habit to quickly utilize the new information I have learnt so I can own it and not lose it.
6. I have my own Coaches for the different things I do.
The dynamics of the law of exposure is simple, if you ask me; It means that you begin to live life with more Intention, pick your associations more carefully, and discern what you need and where you can find it; then go for it.
Knowing my journey is not at its peak yet, I am committed to keep getting better and I am Intentional enough to make the effort to expose myself to the right environment and material for growth.
Effectively life is simple; garbage in, garbage out. Value in, value out. Stay intentional and you will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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