Full disclosure; this sucks! I have doubts about the efficiency of my gifts. Somehow deep inside is the feeling that my gift will never be enough to fulfil my dream.
What triggered today’s doubt attack you ask? Well, it was triggered by an email I just received asking me to come do what I have boasted that I was born to do. I have prayed for an opportunity such as this and here it shows up and it seems my heart is determined to push its way out of my chest leading to my demise.
I am feeling this way because I have been asked to come speak outside my regular audience! Now I am drowning in my own sweat; even though the air conditioner is on. Phew!
Have you ever doubted the power and effectiveness of your gift? Have you ever felt like maybe you should have been given more? Do you ever wonder if what you do actually makes any difference? If yes, then you are in good company. I am there right now, and I can tell you for free that I have an idea how this will end but knowing how it will end somehow hasn’t helped or changed a thing.
Fast forward, D-day and the deed is done! I have just finished speaking and I didn’t pass out in front of the people, but more importantly people are generous with their feedback, they say to me, that they were blessed! They tell me it was just what they needed to hear… then I wonder, so why was I so scared? Every time a demand is made on my utilising this gift, I sweat and every time after the fact I am told that what I do makes a difference. (You would think this is more than enough reason to be bold the next time)but no, self-doubt constantly plagues.
So how can we combat this demon of doubt? What should we do to re-enforce belief in our ability and gifts?
1. Remember that you have been here before and you did fine in the end.
2. Remind yourself of what it feels like when you finally make it.
3. Don’t forget that the people who have entrusted you with the task or opportunity know what they are doing and if they asked for you, it must be because you have something to offer.
4. See the doubt as one side of a coin and remember that on the flip side is faith, that you are in doubt does not in any way negate the fact that you are endowed.
5. Call up one of your cheer leaders; they will definitely remind you of how impactful you are with your gift.
6. No matter what happens it is not about you, if God put the gift in you, then he sure knows for whose sake he did. Take responsibility and step out, you will be fine, I can tell, you will be fine.
The thing is our gifts or talents are given to us so we can profit by them but more importantly so others may be imparted and impacted by our use of them. Once you have done your best to develop the gift, then it is no longer yours to hold on to in self-doubt. The gift only continues to give as we release and unleash it trusting God to use it for his glory.
So take my hand, as unsure as we both can be sometimes, let us travel this road together, it is time to release the gift and allow ourselves grow in our use of them. Trust me as unlikely as it seems right now, one thing is sure; we will make it NeverTheLess.
So tell me what do you do when self-doubt shows up? Please leave a comment in the comment box.
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Here is to your success!

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