In the journey of life, we sometimes get to points where the pressure we face can bring a lot of frustration and sometimes we do not seem to know what to do. At such times the frustration may cause one to abandon a dream or a God-given destiny, if not well managed.

Today’s podcast takes a step back from our series on Purpose and answers the question of what to do at high-pressured moments and how to make the right decisions.

Are you feeling frustrated or under pressure? Does it feel like everything is closing in on you and you’re on the verge of giving up? Are you on a threshold of a breakthrough and you need to take a major decision fast? Then this podcast is for you! You can end your frustration today by taking some time out to listen to this.

You will receive practical insights on:

• How to deal with frustration or pressure and still make wise choices
• Identifying your high-pressured moments and what to do
• How to walk away and release toxins accumulated from pressure in order to make progress
• Giving over control to the real owner of your situation or dream.
• Realising the pressure by taking time to think through and think straight.
• Taking advantage of controlled retail therapy or speaking to others to ease your pressure.

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Till next time;

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