As we continue on this journey to destiny we not only meet a lot of people, we have need for different types of people. Comrades are another set of people you are bound to come across. As every purposes is a solution to a problem, they sometimes present as causes we embark upon and comrade make great destiny helpers. The only snag is like the Constituents they are not meant to stay with you so the best of them leave once they think you’re your victory is in sight while the less stellar of them can even turn in the future to work with others against you.

The trick is never to share what you should share with those who are into you with those who are passing through. This podcast deals with how to interact with comrades.

You will discover:

• Who comrades really are, their strengths and weaknesses
• How to identify them in your life and the roles they play
• How to effectively manage such relationships and get the best out of them
• How to set the right parameters in such relationships
• The fundamental difference between constituents and confidants

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