Have you discovered those you’re sent to? Do you know how to identify the people you’ve been sent to? Who are the people; better known as your tribe that you’ve been sent to? These are some of the questions today’s Show will help you get answers to. It’s not enough to be a genius, it’s not enough to be good at something; a creator is simply nothing without his tribe.

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On today’s Show, you will also discover that;

  • There are three things that purpose must serve for it to be truly called purpose.
  • Your beliefs and your values will help identify those that you have been sent to.
  • You have a story to tell that might inspire the next person, you need to own your story.
  • You can identify those you’ve been sent to by where they are going. Not everyone is going in the same direction as you.
  • Conversations can help you identify what it is a person is looking for.

In the end, the eighty/twenty rule comes to play here. Even if it is twenty per cent of the crowd you have who believe in you, you’re good to go. You don’t need everyone to be in your team before your tribe can be complete. Identify your tribe today if you haven’t done so, let your beliefs and your values be clear to them and go ahead and let your impact be felt.

Thanks to Dibikenzi Photos for today’s image.  Beautiful skyline they captured for us.

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