If I got a dollar for every time I get asked the question “Why is it so important to discover purpose?” I would be one very rich woman by now.  Which is why throughout the month of September, I will be re-posting some very vital shows in the process of purpose discovery.

On Today’s show you will learn that:

  • Purpose is a 3 tier concept; it should benefit you, impact others and definitely glorify God.
  • Purpose should align with your DNA.
  • Purpose discovery brings simplicity, focus and discipline to a life.
  • That to be alive is beyond marking time and waiting to die.
  • Purpose is a lifestyle and not a job or business.
  • Purpose empowers you to become the quality of person God has called you to be.

For a full transcript of today’s show, please click here for the download link.  It will also be a joy to hear from you.  To send me a message simply click on this link to my Facebook Page here.

Purpose discovery in my opinion is not just another option to a great life it is the only one to a powerful one.

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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