God’s ultimate plan for us is to dominate and subdue the earth in our respective fields of influence. You are called to actively represent Him and be an ambassador of His kingdom on earth.

In today’s Podcast, you will:

• Learn that God has authorised you to rule your earth

• Explore the mandate to rule- subdue and dominate
• Understand what it is to dominate
• Realize the eternal rage for dominion between light and darkness
• What your role is in this contest and how to play it
• Learn why your first dominion is important for you to enjoy your second
• Also discern your own mountain through this teaching
• Learn to take replenishment to its height by becoming a ruler in your world

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Till next week

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    • Hi Kehinde, thanks for your question. I wish I could give you the answers right here within the space available. The first thing I will say to you however, is that Purpose is not something you discover in a day, it is an on going journey of life and the more you know and do you more you are bound to discover along the way.

      However, there are a few things that are indicative of what your purpose might be and these include; Passion, Gifts, Past Experiences and what others say about you. These are not exhaustive, but they can be a good place to start. Meanwhile, if you dig deeper into the archives of my blog as I have done a lot of posts in the past on the subject matter of purpose. My book Destiny Navigational Application is also a great resource on the subject matter.

      Should you have specific questions, please let’s continue the conversation on my Facebook page. See the link here.

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