The Root and The Rock

I have an image in my head that I can’t shake off; It is the image of a taproot determined to find water. In my head, it sets out on this journey and for the first few months the only word to describe its progress is Acceleration. But that was until… It hit its first rock!

The initial reaction of the root to this rock is surprise, then there is a bit of bewilderment, trying to understand what just happened. Ultimately the root figures it out, it was just a rock so it determines to continue the journey. The root announces that this is just a snag and that growth will continue soon, but soon it realizes that the rock isn’t moving from its way and that means the root needs to find another path to water.

This picture is stuck somewhere in the recesses of my mind and surfaces periodically when my journey gets tough.

What I usually think when this picture shows up is, “how does the root end up?” I bet you want to know as well. Well, the root is still on the journey to water. That in itself is a blessing to me. It speaks volumes to know that the root didn’t give up because of the rock. It finds a way and keeps going. Could be slowed down but it never gives up and it doesn’t stop.

The journey to your purpose, desires, goals, best life is exactly the same. We will hit snags along the way but like the root, we should never give up. Tenacity and bravery are essential ingredients for this life we have.

The picture of the root helps me because I see that the reason the root never gives up is the reason it set out in the first place… to find water! Why water? Because it’s entire sustenance is dependent on finding this water. I know how I feel when I allow life to stop me or even distract me, it feels like I have not drank water in ages. That feeling is why I always return to the grind.

What do you think about your own journey? Have you ever encountered a rock moment? What did you do? This journey is only worthwhile if you deliver on the “Why”. Will you give up?

Embrace your Super Power!


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