As a child, I dreamt that one day I would be standing on a very big stage, and I would be speaking to a very large crowd. In my dream the crowd does not intimidate, in my dream they focus very intently on me as if they didn’t want to miss even one word that I spoke. I dreamt that every time after speaking, the crowd would erupt in a standing ovation and after the event I would spend hours and hours talking to those who wanted to meet me personally.

Night after night, dream after dream, I knew I was going to be someone… maybe not famous but I knew that I was gifted and in using my gift other people’s lives will be enhanced. I lived to grow up and live the dream. I talked about this dream everywhere to everyone.

This dream was only until I grew up, however. I grew up, and I became aware, I became aware that the adults who laughed when I performed were not laughing with me, they were laughing at me, and that made me dream less. I became aware that when people ask me to keep quiet for a moment, they were not trying to hear something else being said; they were saying to me I was a nuisance.
I became painfully aware, that when I mentioned the dream and the subject was changed, it was their way of telling me that they didn’t believe that I had it in me. With every word, with every relationship where I was treated less than I saw in the dream came an awareness that started me on the path where I spoke less and less of my dream.

Then I grew even older, it was no longer that people asked me to shut up, they actually ridiculed my dream openly now, they told me outright that I didn’t have what it took, with every mistake I made. Then, they started to bring to my consciousness the fact that I was different. They told me how my background was a disadvantage, they explained to me that my parents didn’t have what it took to equip me for a dream that big, they told me other people had filled the stage, and there was no place for me there. Yet I dreamt on…

Then one day, I started to think about what they said, I began to ask myself ‘what if they were right?’ I looked at my surroundings and for the first time it dawned on me I was not the Princess that I thought I was… someone looked better than me, as a matter of fact my parents didn’t have the right education nor exposure… in short I believed them. The dream really is better than me. There is no way I can live this dream I said to myself.

Suddenly I woke up, and the dream had become a fantasy. I told myself it wasn’t a dream that was possible anyway; I told myself it was a childhood fantasy. I woke up, and I gave up on my dream.
Upon giving up I started to go through the motions of life, though I was growing and trying to get things done, though biologically I was aging, I realised that a part of me was stunted, and I began to crave MORE. I want to be more than this I started to tell myself again, but the problem was I had replaced my dream with a fantasy. The more I craved MORE, the more I realised that I was only going to be more if I exchanged the word fantasy for dream again.

Somehow, adulthood and life robs us of the ability to dream, sometimes growing up tells us to wake up and get a real job, we are told the dream was something that we had because we didn’t know life as we should have…but the question is, is giving up the dream the answer?
Like I found out when it comes to dreams and dreaming regardless of how much we grow up we must never exchange our dreams for fantasies. The quest for more can only be explained, comprehended and apprehended if we realise that those things we dreamt about when we were little and grew up to describe as fantasies are the base and foundation for MORE.

Today’s post is an encouragement to you my dear friend to take a look at those dreams you now call fantasies and realise that somewhere trapped inside them is the key to your MORE.

We all want MORE and we all are made for MORE, however every time we allow ourselves to listen and believe what the world tells us is wrong with our dreams, we can begin to call the dreams God put in our heart’s fantasies. Today, maybe I don’t stand before the size of the crowd that I see in my dream yet, but at least you are reading this, so you form part of my crowd.

I don’t know how long before that crowd happens, but I now agree that it is possible so I will wake up each day and work towards it. I will prepare, I will get better, I will invest in myself and I will pay the price. I will be teachable and a life-long learner, I will look out for opportunities and I will make the best of them, but, above all, I will hold on to my DREAM, it may be a fantasy for you but for me it is the seed for my MORE, and I will hold on to it as tenaciously as I can.

How do I know that I am made for MORE you ask? You have to believe that God put you on earth for a PURPOSE. How do I know what MORE is? Well, you need to go back and revisit what was once a dream and had become a fantasy, you need to go back and awaken the genius of dreaming again.
To learn how to discover MORE and be MORE, my book Destiny Navigational Application is a resource with a proven template.

Until next time when I come your way again, you will make it NeverTheLess.

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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  1. Oh sis! this piece simply brought tears to my eyes! you can’t begin to imagine what a soft spot you just touched on! Sincerely, this is a major issue for so many trying to birth their “dreams” like me. What then, does one do, when despite all the preparations et al, daily believing and holding on strong to the giver of the dream for the manifestation that is sure to come it seemingly tarries? How does one stay focused while in the “waiting room”?…

    • Hi Adeola, thanks for stopping by. You stay focused by ensuring that you tell yourself the truth everyday. You stay focused by doing five things everyday that bring you closer, it doesn’t even if the five things is to make a list, send a text or simply do some additional research, you remain focused by stepping out even in the most simplest of ways. A dream only becomes destiny when you get out of bed whatever bed looks like to you and begin to move. Remember that no matter what you do, you will never have the ideal or perfect time or circumstances to step out so you have to step out anyway. Finally, you really do need to get the right support people around you. I call them your THEY Tough, Honest, Encouraging and Yielded people. God bless you Sis.

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