March 8th was International Women’s Day, and I recall reminding my husband and Pastor to pray for the women in church and he jokingly wondered why there are so many days in history to celebrate women. After he said that I started to wonder within myself why celebrating women is such a big deal, and the only answer I could come up with is that it is because of all the inequality and other such issues that women have had to suffer over the years.

These days, things are changing and while it is not as common as we would want to see; the idea and actual emergence of Female Presidents and Political leaders is catching on, just as well as women in business and other professions are making their mark without recourse to the fact that they are women. Progress is being made and will continue to be made. However, I cannot help but highlight the fact that growth and success have nothing to do with gender as much as they have to do with capacity and ability- what we carry and can deliver! After all, Deborah was a judge in Israel, and her supporters included men.

In Genesis 1:26, man and woman were created in the image of God and after His likeness. In Genesis 2:7, we see that God breathed upon man (human being), and man became a living soul. And if you have been following my posts, I did say that this breath of God upon man is His essence.

This breath is what distinguishes and separates us from all other works of creation. What this automatically means for me and should mean for you is that what makes a man or woman successful isn’t anything to do with their gender as it is to do with the essence of God within them.

In my book Destiny Navigational Application, I told the story of how some years ago my youngest son Joshua was on break from school and pleaded with his father to take him to work for the day. It was a great opportunity for them to spend time together, and my husband obliged him. When they got back home, Joshua shared with me how someone at his father’s work place who had never met him before, saw him and exclaimed “help! They have shrunk Mark”. This was hilarious at the time, and still is when we talk about it. However, it was also pretty instructive for my husband because prior to that time, he argued that Joshua didn’t look like him at all.

The reason someone who had never seen Joshua before saw him for the first time and recognised him as Mark’s son is because of the physical resemblance that they share. It wasn’t because Joshua had spoken a word, and they sounded alike; it had nothing to do with his mannerisms. It was a conclusion reached by looking at their physical attributes.

The question is what if someone doesn’t physically look like their parent, does that in any way negate the fact that they are related? Of course not! There’s something deeper than physical resemblance and it is called the DNA. You don’t find it on the surface; you find it deep on the inside. It tells you about a person, his genealogy, and character traits.

In the same way, if you are born of God, you may not physically look like Him or be able to tell exactly what he looks like in the physical, at least, the Bible says He is a Spirit. But you have His Spirit, which is his DNA, in you. It’s definitely not a question of age or gender, what counts is that you have his Spirit (his DNA) in you. That’s the true proof of son-ship. Anyone can bear the name ‘child of God, pastor, bishop or reverend’. But are you His Son? If you think you are, do you have his DNA?

“For as many as received Him, to them He gave power to become sons of God” John 1:12 The point is that if we are sons of God, then we have no excuse why we cannot succeed and be like Him. To get on the path of this assurance, it is important that you know in whose image you are. To be a son and not deliver on your destiny or mandate is to be a son while acting like a slave. This might be because you have no idea how lofty your place is in God or that you have no idea what the template is for you to deliver on that mandate. Whatever the reason, God expects us to be like Him in all things.

So how do you know if you look like God? Well, by the fruit you bear. What does your output look like? Success is for champions and champions are born of God as sons.

To learn more, pick up a copy of my book: Destiny Navigational Application and discover for yourself how to find your Purpose, Discern Essence, Deploy Power and Demonstrate Dominion.
Till I come your way next week. It is my assurance that you will make it NeverTheLess, after all, you are a Son.

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