It is amazing that today is the 23rd of March already. I have enjoyed every day of March because somehow, I have been able to deliver on every goal set except for one so far. How are you doing in the goals department?  We have also been able to deliver to you three times a week different content purposed specially to help you grow.
I do hope you have taken advantage of each one of them. If not, thank God they are all archived on my site. Please ensure you get them for optimal growth and empowerment. Thanks for all the feedback we have received in the course of this month.

I have been asked why I do the things that I do, and I have always answered that I do what I do because I was born to do them. The truth is: there is nothing I do today that I feel like I am labouring to do. Yes, I didn’t set out to do some of them. But even for those I stumbled into, I can see that God doesn’t make mistakes as they are a total and perfect fit for me.
However, I recently found a better answer to the question, “why do I do what I do”. My new improved answer is that I do what I do because I have been ordained to be a Solution to the world.

In the mandate we have been looking at in Genesis 1:26-30, the third limb of God’s mandate for mankind is to REPLENISH the earth.

What does it mean to replenish? First, replenishment is only necessary where there was once a supply that is now running out. Dictionary actually defines Replenish as to fill something up. To top up, refill, recharge, reload or restore.

What this means is that when you were created and appointed by God, he gave you the mandate to restore, fill up, recharge, reload and top up the earth. However, because this charge was given at the very start of the journey, most people don’t tend to see it as a responsibility.

But the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that God knew about the Ozone layer even before we knew it existed. He knew about the floods, earthquakes, human degradation and so much more. It is my firm belief that it was because God knew all of these will happen that in creating man He took the time to not create just another mammal but to create a being to whom He could bestow His Spirit, thereby putting of Himself into you and me.

Yesterday, as I spoke in church about this concept I call the Solutionist Anointing, I shared how amazing it is that God knew ahead of time and made provision for the replenishment of the earth. More amazing, however, for me is that He chose to use man to replenish and restore the earth. The question, therefore, will be: “what did God put in man to replenish the earth with?”

In my book Destiny Navigational Application, I explain that when God released upon man what I call the first dominion, he did that by giving gifts to all men. We call these gifts talents or abilities. Then he gave the injunction to be fruitful, which meant we should produce by the gift or dominion we have. Next, he told us to multiply, which speaks to expanding the reach and impact of our production.

Once these steps are covered, what will happen by the time we hit replenishment is that: whatever we have produced has empowered us in such a manner that whatever we require to replenish the earth is available to us. Some of us replenish by finances, some by vision, some by wisdom, some by knowledge, some by administration. Whatever gift you receive can be used to replenish the earth.

So how do you know a Solutionist?

1. He has the ability to hear/see what others can’t. This is not in any spooky way. It just means that a Solutionist is in tune and aligned with God and so in synch with Him that he receives divine Intel on what God is thinking.
2. Hunger for More – Every Solutionist has a hunger for more. These are called pioneers and visioneers because most of the time, their hunger pushes them to make their foray into the arena that others have not dared step up to.
3. ACTION – Solutionists don’t wait for perfect conditions once they recognise a problem that they are convinced they are solutions to, to step up and act regardless of how inconvenient it might be for them.
4. RANK BREAKER – Solutionists are also rank breakers. They are so deeply passionate about what God has placed within them and the possibilities they can see that they don’t hesitate to break ranks to go get in line with their vision.
5. Standard Bearers – Even though Solutionists are rank breakers, they are also standard bearers. They don’t break laws or disregard them just because they want to break ranks and do new things. They keep the standard according to what the laws of both God and the land command.
6. Vision – Solutionists have the ability to think and plan the future with wisdom. They can smell possibilities and opportunities ahead of everyone, and they are not afraid to discover why, so they can get things done.
7. COURAGE – Every Solutionist is courageous. Most of the stuff they get into are new and require guts. They don’t back down because they hit a brick wall or because they are challenged or threatened.
8. COMPASSION – Solutionists are compassionate. This last trait is a must have because the call to replenish the earth may sometimes not necessarily affect the solutionist directly. He, therefore, must be compassionate enough to feel the pain to be committed enough to push for replenishment.

What is the point of today’s post, you are asking? The point is again that: you are not mandated by God for the fun of it. You have a responsibility to God to bless and restore His earth with the gift He has put in you.

Even if you didn’t feel the urgency to push what you do, knowing that in the end, a piece of earth is waiting for you to deploy your gift in its direction, should be enough inspiration and motivation to ensure that you Discern, Navigate and Apply your God-given dominion.

For more on Destiny Navigation, please click here to buy a copy of the book.

I will love to hear what you think about the concept of the Solutionist Anointing? Please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page, and I will definitely respond to you.

Regardless of what you face today, you will make it NeverTheLess.

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