Hello and welcome!
It has been a while since I last blogged. I was getting used to the Podcasting limb and decided to take the time to at least get my rhythm back before I jumped back on the blogging horse.
Anyhow, it is a pleasure to be back. From this week, the schedule will be blogs on Mondays and Podcasts on Friday. The idea is to keep doing the best that I can from here to keep our connection going while also bringing your way thought provoking content for your life journey.
This last weekend was full of activity for me. On Saturday I had to be at my office before 7.00 am and had two other very equally important events that I must be at in different parts of town. Even though the event times were properly spread out to allow me make each one of them; there is life thrown in the mix as well as traffic in the city to consider.
So when we finished from the early meeting at the office I told the person driving me to the next one that we were going to Sheraton Hotels on the mainland. In the same breath I also mentioned that when we finish from there we would be headed to Four points by Sheraton on the Island. He told me he got it and I went back to the journal I had open to check something.
The next time I looked up at the road, I noticed that rather than headed towards the mainland, we were headed towards the Island. Oooops! Where are we going I screamed! He responded that he thought I said we would go to the Island first…hmmm.
At this point I started to sweat in the car. The event on the mainland was billed to begin at 11.00 am and here we were headed the wrong direction and it already a few minutes to 11.00. As though that wasn’t enough, there was this slow moving traffic which could mean that I might not get to my event before 1.00 pm. Boy! Was I worked up!
Thankfully, it cleared and we made it just in time for the event to begin. It took us longer time and we certainly had to travel further but at least we made it there in the nick of time.
That got me thinking; how many wrong turns are permitted in life? How many of them can be corrected? When is it too late to correct a wrong turn?
I know from experience that I had made my fair share of wrong turns and I know that while some of them were correctable on the spot others took longer and yet some I have had to live with and make the best use of their lessons.
Unlike making the wrong turn while traveling, taking the wrong turn in life is a lot steeper but the reactions are basically the same; we huff and puff, look for who to blame and sweat. Eventually, we realise that the only solution is to look for a sign that allows us to make the U turn and retrace our steps to where we made the turn.
While no U turns were allowed on the road I was traveling that morning and I had to travel somewhere I didn’t want to go before I began the trek back to my original destination, life allows U turns. Once you realise that you have made the wrong turn all you have to do is own up to the mistake, let those around you know you intend to turn around and deliberately make the U turn.
So maybe today like me your car is headed in the wrong direction lifework wise, you can absolutely make a U turn and get back on track. No; sweating or huffing and puffing show you are pained by what has happened but they don’t get you out of there, what will set you back on track is a U turn.
Are you ready to make a U turn? Your destination isn’t changing, just as it is also not moving further away from you, all that is required is a U turn… it may take longer than necessary but I am confident you will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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