Living the dream life is a privilege that I will not trade for anything and if you are truly pushing your dream like you should, no matter the hardship and challenges you see along the way; I bet you won’t consider trading it either.
My question is if you will not give up this privilege for anything in the world, on what is your faith anchored?
Yesterday in Church, my Pastor said ‘Potential is God’s picture of me’. This got me thinking about how I believe. It dawned on me that I believe in myself (most of the time), and I do believe in my ability and gifts sometimes. I believe I am living the life I was born to live and most Leaderpreneurs do believe the same; I bet you do believe that too.
However, when the challenges come, especially those that blind side us, the ones that creep up behind us, when we are busy looking at something else; when they come in their multiples like they are want to do, don’t you think about giving up? I do. I wonder if I shouldn’t just go get a job and let someone else worry about the generators, and paying salaries. Life seemed easier when all these weren’t my problem per se I think.
Yes, life seemed easier when someone else had to deal with all the issues, and you only had to show up and give the job your best shot, but that is the problem – life only seemed easier. You got paid no doubt, but you had no peace, you were unfulfilled and you were definitely unhappy. Every day you found one more reason why you should go and do your own thing and now you finally can!
Something is missing, and I think I found the missing link this weekend. I had been thinking a lot about belief and confidence when I heard ‘potential is God’s picture of me’. Immediately I could see in my mind’s eye how God when he was putting this potential in me said to himself ‘she will make me proud with this gift, I put it in her because I trust that she will deliver on it. She has everything it takes to work it, and I know she will make an impact’. In a flash, I realised that the talent, potential or ability I possessed was God’s vote of confidence in my capacity to deliver on them. These gifts were put in me because I have what it takes to deliver on them.
The next time I am faced with a challenge or issue concerning the field I have been given the mandate to tend, I will quickly take one look at my hands and say, God believes in me, and so I must be able to do it.
I choose to never forget again that I am not alone in this, someone is watching over me to see that I get it right. This realisation will manifest in my releasing the gift, working my potential, to bring value while trusting my benefactor to see me through it all.

The point of today’s post is that we could not have gone as far as we had gone had someone else not believed in us. So every chance I get to use my gift, I should do so knowing that someone higher approves of me. No matter where we are right now; what we are doing or not doing, we are contributing something even when we cannot see how. The thing is whether we know it or not, we already have the validation we crave, possessing the gift and rising to the challenge of using it every day, is all the vote of confidence we need; first from the one who endowed us with the gift and then from those who allow us serve them with the gift.
Will you dare believe that you are not alone in this? Would you dare believe that someone else is in this with you? Remember the gift is all the vote of confidence you need.
Whether you believe it or not, another believes in you; so you will make it NeverTheLess. Tell me; what are you believing? Please leave a comment below on how you manage your beliefs. Thank you.
Here is to your success!

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