I woke up yesterday morning to a Whatsapp message from my Son who by the way turns eleven today and here is what the message says:
“I am missing you, I want you to come home, I want you to come home as I am really sad. Please reply when you get the chance”.
Following the message was every emoticon on Whatsapp that looked like tears, a teary and sad face and everything else in between. My first reaction was a skip in my heartbeat, what might have gone wrong I wondered. I immediately sent him a Whatsapp message back asking if he was okay, I sent one to his sister as well.
I am in the US and they are in Nigeria. We have a six hour differential in the time zone which meant that when he sent his message it was about 2.00 am in Dallas where I was. Anyhow, we eventually spoke and I found out that nothing had gone wrong; he woke up missing both his parents and decided to send an SOS. After we spoke and I calmed him down promising that his father will soon be back home; we said our “I love yous” and I hung up the phone.
Even though I could tell he was feeling better, I found myself melancholic and wondering if it was possible to not have made this trip. My conclusion was that yes; it was possible, but then it also meant that I would have some delay in goals we had set for my business. Then I remembered something my Mentor and Friend; yes that is how he has asked us to address him; John C. Maxwell, said at the JMT Certification programme in Orlando, Florida.
Someone had asked him how to strike a balance while growing a business and pursuing a dream. His answer was; balance is impossible. That was for me a very interesting answer so I listened carefully to his explanation. He made us understand that anything that was worth doing in life was worth doing well and will require sacrifice. So instead of crying over what could have been, take a look at your life, and decide to work around your seasons.
I realised that the only reason we agreed to make this trip without the children was because our oldest son was back in school through the summer to prepare for exams he was going to take in September. We agreed that it wouldn’t be fair to take his siblings and leave him behind so we deferred a family trip. Secondly, we agreed that since we had adequate support system it was okay to leave them in their care for the time we will be away.
I also realised that ten years ago, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to take a trip away from my family for this length of time.
The point of today’s post is that as we pursue our dreams, let us remember that our lives are separated into seasons just as the year is in seasons. We all travel individually even though together, which means that when it comes to the seasons of our lives; we travel alone.
Consequently, it will be fool hardy to try to run or live your dream life based on another person’s season. You travel according to your season and you do your best to create a balance that works for you peculiarly. Life will always happen and wrenches will be thrown your way once in a while, but if you will be very discerning of your seasons you will be able to create the balance that is peculiar to you. Be careful to juggle only the balls you have and are peculiar to you; because really that is all you can do.
Which is why when one of my single friends told me to plan an event on the fly with complete disregard for the season that I was in; I told her NO. I am married and have a family, so while I will live my dream life, I will live in harmony with the season of life that I am in.
So what season are you both in life and dream life? Just work with your season and everything should be alright. You will make it NeverTheless.
Here is to your success.

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