This week’s podcast is a little late and I am sorry. It took much longer than usual to bring it to you because we hit some technical hitch. Thanks to my team mates; Isaac and Afolabi for making it possible.

A lot of people think that discovering purpose is an uphill task. Rather than find it, they take the easier route and drift through life; many simply do the next best thing that they can find.
Why drift when you can get an anchor to keep you stable and focused on your journey of life. Yes, purpose is the anchor. It not only holds you, it also helps you live a simplified and meaningful life.

In this 22 minute podcast, I will be sharing with you the benefits of living or discovering your purpose.

You will:

• Realise 6 reasons why you should live on purpose
• Learn how not to drift through life by finding your specific purpose
• Learn that purpose is not only about what you are here to do but why you actually do what you do every day- your finance, business, career, family, etc.
• Also get to know that purpose is beyond making
• Discover how to rate a purposeful life

For a full transcript of this episode click here.

Till next week when I bring you another episode

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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