Happy New Year, it has been almost a month since I last blogged and yes, I know that is an abomination, so I am sorry. However, in my defence, I had to take that break and focus on another part of my life that needed my attention. It was time to stop and focus on my family life and be there 100% through some major transition as the year rolled by. Not to worry it wasn’t anything bad at all, just that I needed to be present for my family; I do hope you understand.
To the business of the day, so work resumed today, and one thing I do know I won’t do at the end of 2014 is not take the time to stop everything so I can exhale. I found myself as the 2013 finished its course more busy than I had ever been and realised that while I had a plan on how to run my life through 2013, I didn’t put any concrete plan in place for disengaging and just being. So note to self; make sure you have an exit strategy for 2014.
On today’s post, I have a question that may interest you, and it is ‘where have you settled?’. Everywhere I turn, I see and hear people make bold declarations and proclamations for this new year and while it is exciting to hear so many people this optimistic I cannot help, but wonder if they indeed did take the time to deal with 2013 in its entirety before chanting the slogans for 2014.
It is my humble opinion that whatever we chant right now regarding 2014 will only manifest if we put ourselves to work, and the first step in putting ourselves to work is to ensure that we deal with what held us down last year.
So my question again is ‘where have you settled?’ every New Year is an opportunity for change but I also know that change only comes as far as we let it. To answer the question for myself, I do know that I have settled under the cloak of some myth that says I am not a marketer. What I have done under this cloak is hide, so I don’t have to make the effort to put my own wonderful work out there for those who truly require and have need for it.
Now that I have identified one way I have settled I intend to put together a plan on how to move from there into the great life ahead of me for 2014.
Talking about plans, do you want to set achievable goals this year? Then you need to register for my Plan 4ward 2014 Workshop coming up this weekend. The Workshop is so value packed that I would be attending myself if I wasn’t facilitating it.
Till next week remember that to move forward, you need to first identify why you stopped and free yourself from what holds you down.
No matter what, my confidence is you will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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