Welcome to another great week.  Have you heard the news? It is December already!!! Yes, the dreaded December that is indicative that time has practically run out on us for the year 2016.  The thing is if you are observant, you don’t need a calendar to tell that the year is coming to an end.  How do I mean?

Just take a look intently at the people you come across at work, in buses or on the streets.  Two predominant dispositions you will see; those who by their haste and ferocity you can tell only just woke up to the realisation that how you live will determine the results you get. Another set is those that are both tired from working hard and at the same time depressed by the lackluster results they have to show for all the work.  Then there is the select few it seems, who are still smiling and are already planning for their next year.  This last group seems to have been given a formula that has helped them excel through the year.

However, if you have the opportunity to speak with this last group, you will realise that they are not at peace because everything they tried worked out, these are at peace because they can say without the fear of contradiction that they did give their best in the course of the year.  This used to be the group that stood shoulders above the rest.  They are different, and they inspired us all to be different.

This inspiration gave rise to the laughable race to be different that I now see.  Everyone is spending a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources to ensure that they are different.  Lately, I have watched with keen interest how we all try hard to be… well, different.  Then something shocking happened, we all became different. At least that is what we think.  The only issue is all our difference is the same.

We have worked so hard to be different that we all now are exactly the same which makes me ask the question; what was the point of different?

If in your bid to stand out and be different, you become exactly like all of us who hustle then maybe what you have fought so hard for, is to…be like the next man. You see, different is the ability to be true to you, unique is to push to the fore what makes you; you.

As we wind down what has gone into the history books as one really special and unique year, recognise that to be different is only as useful as the difference it makes.  Don’t forget that to stand out you must be true to you and that is all the different you need.

Embrace Your Super Power



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