The news of Dr Myles Munroe’s death hit like a tonne of bricks.  My first reaction was shock then anger, from where I went on to think maybe they got the news wrong.  But alas for once this was accurate reporting and it was both real and true…

Then I shifted to how can someone so obviously on track and in tune with his maker and his Purpose die like that? I wondered what hope there is for the rest of us,  and I wondered if we don’t get points for being in tune with our God and Purpose.

A lot of questions for which no answers will do for me… so I pondered some more.

Here is my perspective; even though it doesn’t make it resolve all my conflict,  at least it gives me something to work with

1. Yes, we get points for being in tune with our God and Purpose.  We get the benefit of eternal life.  However,  we don’t get the benefit of using our points as bargaining chips to buy more time.  I wish we did! But then I ask myself,  between here and the ‘golden’ place of heaven,  where would I rather be?

2. Living in tune isn’t a quid quo pro, for living long.  Once our work here is done the One who put us here can recall us. So I say to myself,  live in tune but live ready.  In the end it is not my call…

3. Living in tune will bring wealth and fame sometimes, but if those become what define me, who knows how and when I will be recalled?  What I must do is ensure if that happens suddenly,  I don’t leave a mess for those behind. Put my affairs in order ready for my marching orders anytime.  While at it I must remember that I can take nothing with me.

4. If I use my time well,  others would be well equipped to carry on. Here I say, raise leaders and give them permission to live in tune with their Maker and Purpose.  So my question to myself is; who am I building and growing?  I mean what is leadership without succession?  The embassy doesn’t shut down because the Ambassador was recalled.  Lesson;  Bidemi you are not indispensable after all.

5. There is no excuse for not delivering on this glory.  My background and status should not derail me. As an Ambassador I am called to deliver what I have been given and I am only as effective as the the backing I get from my CiC who appointed me. I will do my best with what I am given because that is all I an expected to do.

As I pondered I realised that I didn’t even know what time I had left;  but isn’t that the point? I may not know, but I do know… It will come suddenly because  no one is ever able to prepare for this.

So as I still have today, I will live aligned and I will live prepared.  I will give my all so I can travel light when I am recalled.

Now your turn;  surely you know what time you have left.  None! So live like today is your last…

May we all deliver Glory.

You will make it Nevertheless.

I wish you well.



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