Welcome, it is my confidence that you are keeping well. This is a very busy season for me personally; and I wonder what it is like for you.

I am in the thick of preparing for my annual conference; the Return of the helper Conference holding the 18th and 19th of July, 2014. ROTH as the conference is known is one of my WHYS. When people ask me what my life work is, I tell them I am called to empower minds, clarify visions and activate purpose. This is my understanding of why God put me on earth […] and seven years ago I stepped up to the plate to convene the first edition of this conference and as they say, the rest is history.
Why am I telling you about the ROTH conference on today’s post? Well, for starters the episodes of this podcast through the months of June and July are sponsored by the ROTH conferences. However, that is not the only reason I am telling you about ROTH; I am talking about ROTH because like I said it is a big part of my WHY I am on earth. My life and the success that it is becoming is due largely to taking the plunge to convene a conference that has in seven years evolved to become the conference for women who have dreams and want to birth destiny.
The focus of today’s post as you might have guessed is how to utilise your What, Why and How in finding success. A lot of people ask me how to discover their purpose and sometimes going through the discovery process, some still come back to say, okay now we have an idea but what next?
To succeed as an Organic Leader, it is extremely important that you are clear about your What, Why and How. Simply put; you need to break everything down into manageable steps and the first rung of that ladder is answering the questions;
What do I want to achieve?
Why do I want to achieve it?
How do I want to go about achieving it?
To use the ROTH Conference as our template, my absolute passion is to help women discover their purpose. It was a huge struggle discovering my own purpose; especially when for the most part growing up as a girl child most of the preparation I got was to marry and be a good wife and mother. However after I got married and had children; I still felt that there was more to my life than that. It took a lot of thinking, praying and trying my hands on other things before I eventually discovered my purpose.
As I started to work the path of purpose, I came across more and more women who despite their marital status felt there was more to their lives. That was when I first realised that I could become the one who found the answers and shared with them. With time, they were willing to gather in my living room to learn that there was more to their lives and it was okay to do something about the yearning they had. One day I came across this quote;
“A woman is not born a woman, nor does she become one when she marries a man Bears a child and does dirty linen; not even when she joins a women’s liberation movement. A woman becomes a woman when she becomes what God wants her to be” Kenneth G. Smith.
Those words tore into my heart and lit a fire like nothing else had ever done before and that day I realised that my life was going to be dedicated to a large extent in helping women discover who they were called to become. This became my What.
The next question is Why do I do this?
Well, I found that except you are sure and you have settled in your heart why you want to get something done, the probability that you would abandon it midstream is very high. So upon finding out my What I took the time to answer for myself; ‘why do I need to do this? The answer to this was pretty easy for me; the reason why I am committed to helping women discover their purpose is because I can tell from my own experience how much of a better person I have become because I know what I am on earth for. This has helped my decision making process, it has enhanced my relationships and helped me make better choices. More importantly though is the fact that I want others to enjoy the peace and direction that I now enjoy. This is the answer to my WHY.
The last question is ‘How do I want to achieve my what?’ To answer this I took the time to look at my gifts and abilities and streamlined them to determine what the easiest and cheapest option I could deploy was. Since I loved words, could write and enjoy speaking; it was pretty easy to decide that my How was going to be using words in whatever medium they can be used. It has been some years and this ability rather than diminish has gotten better both with use and as I make a conscious effort to grow it.
We all want to be successful at what we do, and without sounding immodest I can attest that ROTH is fast becoming a successful brand and the reason why seven years later we are still here is because we know our WHAT, WHY and HOW. You too can start the journey of a successful dream today if you know yours.
I will love to hear your comments and thoughts on this. Wish us well as we prepare for the conference and if you are in Nigeria; then you don’t want to miss it.
Till next time, you will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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