I was asked if a strong desire and the discomfort of a small place is all that is required for one to recognise that it is time to move?  I was also asked whether everyone pursuing hard after the BIG pond is ready for the experience of the BIG pond?

Truth be told, nobody wants to remain in a small pond forever and as a matter of fact no one should. However, we need to know what it takes to operate in a big pond or bigger pond to be able to make success of it. When we don’t take the time to learn and master the ropes by operating in a small pond as is necessary we may end up unfortunately in  a crash landing.

Today’s Show will highlight some uncomfortable but important questions we must answer for a successful journey:

  • Do you have the right attitude towards people who have gone ahead of you?
  • Are you more concerned about the gains rather than the process?
  • What is your motivation, to solve problems or to be rich and famous?
  • What service have you rendered so far and in what attitude?
  • How strong are your skills?
  • What are the lessons you have learnt?

Patience is a virtue that will help you transition with ease. It’s better to learn all you can in the small pond so when it’s time for your big pond, you can have a seamless transition. To rush out of the small pond without the right process can lead to sudden death!

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