Capacity: The maximum amount that something can produce.

A few years ago, I got fed up with some of the work I was doing. It seemed like we were at a place where the harder we worked, the less we produced. Taking a closer look, I realized that while we were going through the motions of doing what we should be doing, people were distracted and others just didn’t have the urge to push. If it were a volunteer system, while it would have been upsetting, it might not have been as painful as it was for me. But it wasn’t, this was a business and we were expending resources daily. As a matter of fact, expenses were at an all time high and this caused me pain. Looking at it, the only way to describe it is that I was burning my candle from both ends and something had to be done.

Upon review, the first thing I realized was that I was tired. Beside the fact that I was tired, I had also just suffered a bereavement and I had not healed; I needed a break from it all. Secondly, because I had to take that break, a gap surfaced because somehow everyone didn’t pull their weight. It was time for something drastic to be done, so I shut it down. It took a year to begin to get back on that horse fully, but it was well worth the break because by the time we got back, I had fresh eyes and perspective and the time away helped me get better at other things and more importantly, I returned invigorated.

In Genesis 3: 20, Adam and the woman had just been called out in sin and God pronounced their consequences yet Adam turned to the woman and named her Eve- mother of all living. It is possible to gloss through that verse and not find anything significant, unless you were paying attention to realize that Eve had just been told she would bring forth with great sorrow and that enmity between her seed and the serpent’s seed was official, yet Adam called her mother of all living.

The principle is simple, when your capacity diminishes never forget that your potential was not taken out as well. Potential nurtured produces capacity so when your capacity takes a hit know that only your output has been affected, if you take the time to rest, discern what went wrong and fix it, you can produce again, and even produce more than you used to do.

The big thing I learnt in that season was that I could get everything I needed to do done and maintain productivity without such overheads as I had before, that was a massive relief. I downsized, and channeled extra time, energy and resources on another project and I can definitely say I was better for it.

The journey to your Super Power is not without a fight and sometimes you may lose a given battle, what you must never do is give up on the fight all together; rather lick your wounds, adjust your sails and wait to fight another day. I tell you, capacity can diminish but the potential you are committed to never loses its ability to reproduce capacity. It is all still in you.

Embrace your Super Power!


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