Early 2008, I felt an agitation in my heart to begin a Conference called the Return of The Helper (ROTH). As a matter of fact I heard instructions from my employer and benefactor (GOD) to begin this conference. I knew nothing about conferences; how they are planned, how to raise funds for them, not even where to find the people to attend.
So I did what most of us do, I wrote it down, told my Boss I will get it done, then proceeded to find excuses where I couldn’t do it as the months rolled by. By mid-June of that same year, I still had done nothing. Even when I felt the conviction really strongly I asked myself; “What is the point?” And as I had no answer other than it was what God wanted me to do, I relaxed again.
By the last week of June, I went to bed one night and at about 1. 00am the next morning I was so ill, I could not breathe. By the time I made it to the hospital, I passed out and didn’t get to open my eyes for the next three days. Five days later, I had dropped weight from a robust size 14 to a scrawny haggard looking size 10. At this point, I had no idea how long more I had to live, because I had never seen someone drop weight so fast.
When the thought of the Conference came to me again after I got out of the hospital, the questions why or what is the point? Were no longer what I had in mind, instead I asked “why not, even if I don’t know the point? and that was how we started to plan for the first ROTH to hold in July of 2008. This July, 20th to be exact; six years to the day we held the first one, we will hold the sixth edition of the Conference.
Every year as we prepare, at least two people get to ask me “What is the point?”. I have learnt to tell them that the point first and foremost is obedience to what tugs at my heart, then of course there is the hundreds or more of people that have been blessed over the years.
Marriages have been restored through the Conference, meaningful relationships have been forged, hope has been restored many times and people have been inspired to put their own dreams to the test in this time. Some people have attended every edition, others have attended less number of times, still some others have had the opportunity of only one chance to attend; yet the story is the same, something changes for most.
So what is the point? Even for your dream; what is the point? The point is that there is impact tied to your dream; the point is that people will receive illumination to their darkness if you step up to the plate. The point is that deep down inside you, you know satisfaction will only come if you do…
As our sixth edition comes up on the 20th, I have begun to have fresh agitations for where this should all go, and rather than ask why? Rather than ask “what is the point?” I am asking “why not?” No one may listen when I begin to say it, but just like most people didn’t think that ROTH had a point, I am pretty sure that in not too long a time, the point will be known to us all.
So maybe someone says to you there is nothing new about what you want to do, so what is the point? Even if you tell yourself that you cannot see why, you still must step up and answer to the call of your heart, remember that obedience has its perks… never forget that the point is never about you, and never think the tug will go away. The dream of your heart is too important to join the ranks of unfulfilled desires.
There is a point in all these; the point is that you will achieve that for which you are created. Seriously; that is the point.
You will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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