Welcome! It is Children’s Day in our part of the world and I was thinking about my children and all children in general. I began to think about how whatever I do with my life today can affect my children’s life in the future. I wondered how those things I have done so far, may impact upon their future and I cannot stop thinking.

In walking/working the path of destiny that God has chosen for me, I am mindful of the fact that my children are watching. I am careful to explain to them, when they don’t understand, why it is that I do some of the things that I do. And I am quick to model for them how to treat others and stand up for what they believe in.

Most of all I deliberately find teaching moments to leave with them, what I hope will become for them nuggets as they grow. Here are some of the things I tell my children:

I tell my children that friendship or relationships must be carefully contracted, I tell them that friendship is sometimes seasonal and as long as they have conducted themselves well within a relationship; they should not be afraid to let go when it is all over.

I tell my children that posterity judges and that it is better to make sure that whatever decisions or choices we make today will not come back to haunt us tomorrow. I tell them to be nice to everyone, because life has a way of levelling the playing ground.

I tell my children that they don’t need to do too many things or be good at everything. As long as they can find the one thing that they are good at, are willing to grow at and give their best and all to; they should be fine.

I tell them to never envy anyone, because no one person has a perfect life and people tend to pretend that they have it all, even when they have nothing.

I have told them to remember to share; and in their younger years they ask me if they ought to share what is theirs or others?

I tell my sons that strong men cry and that it makes them cute to those who matter when they do. I tell them to never let anyone tell them that it is manly to sag and use swear words; it is in fact decadent and not something found in nobility.

I tell my daughter that it is impossible to please everyone, so she should know when not to try; because in the end, most will not see her trying as a gift but something to be exploited.

I tell my children to remember that there is never a self-sufficient person; so they should learn to make room for others.

I tell them that hard work never killed anyone and that there is a reward for those who work hard. I never forget to tell them that in life there are no short cuts; process is still the best way to get ahead.

I tell my children that there is no secret under the sun, whatever questions they may have in the course of their lives; there is a book somewhere with the answers.

I tell them that movies are make-belief; life is lived only once so it is important they make the best of it.

I tell my children that an adult is an adult and should be treated with respect. As a matter of fact, they should treat everyone with respect.

I tell my children that while all of life is a school; the day one graduates is the day one dies. Therefore, commit to do well every time.

Finally, I tell my children that I am their mother but not their owner; their owner and source is God and when I cannot help them, they should never forget that God can.

What do you tell your children?

And oh, my commitment to my children is to ensure that I leave this world better for them than I met it. What is yours?

Here is to your success

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