Happy New Year.
I know it has been a while I have posted anything here. Life happened with me travelling and then returning to try to implement new learning. I had hoped that by the time I blogged or posted anything here it would be on the new face of my website but alas, man proposes and…
We are still at work in bringing you the new feel of www.bidemmarkmordi.com and I am trusting that soon the site will be ready for unveiling.
On today’s post I wanted to share with you that some exciting stuff is brewing in here and we will soon begin to unveil them within the month. I will let you into the details as they unfold however, it suffices to say that I am committed to bringing the very best your way every single time.
To make sure that I am able to deliver on this promise, I was in Colorado Springs in November of 2014, to attend the prestigious Platform Conference hosted by Platform expert Michael Hyatt and his team. It was a fantastic event I must say and those three days ranked in my top three most exciting times of 2014. I learnt so much about how to build a platform that I felt like I was going to burst open with anticipation of how far this work can go and what impact it can make.
After the conference, we returned to Dallas, Texas (Coach Anna McCoy and myself and we went to work. For one week we did nothing but put into plans and GPS’s all the learning we had acquired at the Platform Conference. Boy! Was it work?
In the end, I learnt a few lessons that have informed how I will transact this year and how I will create the life that I want from the work that I do. Here are a few of them.
1. IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO DO THE WORK THAT MATTERS – The very first day I got into the conference room, I realised that while I wasn’t far off from how the work was done, I had a habit that I had to change if I was going to get anywhere with this work, and it was the habit of trusting others to get the work done just because I had shared the vision. What I learnt from Platform Conference was that for my team to be able to help me I will have to do the important work of defining where I wanted to go as well as ensuring that the tools are available to get it done. So I have sat down and put together plans and GPS’s that are graphic enough for each time member to run with the goals for 2015.
2. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO – The other learning that I walked away with from the Platform Conference is that there will always be someone who knows more than you do, and if you are willing to make the investment and push through to reach them, your journey might just be cut in half. I met so many greats like Cliff Ravenscraft; www.podcastanswerman.com, Ray Edwards; www.rayedwards.com, Michael Hyatt; www.michaelhyatt.com, Pat Flynn;www.smartpassiveincome.com and Ken Davis; www.kendavis.com amongst others. It was a platform builders’ heaven. It was such a great experience to meet all these people and hear them share their stories and one thing they all had in common was the fact that they all learnt from someone. To be able to execute and transact for success in 2015, you need to discern what learning you require and work on getting it somehow.
3. YOU WILL NEED COLLABORATION: In those three days, I saw the power of collaboration displayed in different ways. I understood the power of a tribe and how having the right tribe can impact and influence your journey towards greatness. I saw people who were not intimidated by each other’s success and therefore I saw a whole lot of successful people in one room who were in the habit of giving each other a hand up. You have need of your own collaboration too. Who helps you up?
4. STORIES ARE POWERFUL – The fourth point I want to share today as regards that trip is how powerful stories truly are. Each and every single person who spoke or facilitated at the conference had a story and their stories while not different from ours gave them the foundation upon which they have built and are still building their businesses. They were proud to tell their stories and they wore them like badges of honour and in a manner of speaking they kind of were badges because they helped us see where they had been. Do you have a story? Why are you not telling it?
5. YOU CAN DO IT TOO – Finally, I learnt that success is possible to anyone who sets his heart to it. Whatever we dream of can become reality if we put ourselves to work, gathered the right team, collaborate with others, tell our stories like they are ours and remain persistent and consistent.
I came back to Nigeria knowing that I had received a shift in the way I saw what I did and I am determined to ensure that what I learnt is implemented to help me get better, to this end there is a world of change coming your way from here and I look forward to your feedback when we begin to unveil.
It is a brand New Year and no matter what has been predicted for you, my question is, ‘what can you see?’ The success you want is in your hands to work for… will you put yourself to work today?
Remember that in the end someone put you in this race and if you will hold on to Him, you are bound to make it NeverTheLess.
By the way, I released my new Ebook 7 Simple Steps To the Life You Want, if you missed it, please send me an email so I can email it to you.
Here is to your success.

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