Sometimes we take ownership and pledge to be good stewards of our dream and purpose yet, find in the end that we don’t do much with the dream.  What could be responsible for this state of lethargy?  How is it even possible that one discovers and takes ownership of a dream and yet isn’t able to deliver on it?  Between our creative genius and productivity is usually a gap that we cross using the bridge of Willpower.

When God created us, He gave us free moral agency which is captured in our will and interpreted by the choices and decisions we make.  Despite God’s call on his life and his parent’s efforts to ensure that they did their best to prepare him for this call and it’s fulfillment, Samson’s choices and lack of discipline and power of will made it almost impossible for him to achieve all that he had been equipped and called to do.

On today’s show, you will learn to:

  1. Be reminded never to forget your WHY.
  2. See the Big picture.
  3. Feel your envisaged reward.
  4. Exercise discipline.
  5. Be intentional.
  6. Know your identity and so much more.

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Till next week.  Unleash your willpower…

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