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It is my confidence that you had a great weekend. My weekend was quite busy, what with taking care of the home, supervising my son who was travelling as well as being the wife to my hubby Mark. Remember, it was Valentine weekend.

Nigeria has been planning her elections for a while and we were meant as a nation to decide who rules us for the next 4 years. So many people did nothing as they were waiting to see how the elections pan out before they plan their year. The elections were scheduled to hold on the 14th and 28th of February, but that was until someone had the genius idea to postpone it a week before. Since the news broke, a lot has happened and is still happening. Some people are angry, others are bewildered, yet a few more who have ordered their lives and businesses by the elections are thrown into more uncertainty.

While my post today is not about the state of the nation Nigeria, it is important to say that all around the world, perspective is required to be able to live life to a degree of certainty considering that nothing seems to be constant anymore.

Recently, as I thought about life generally, especially as it was the beginning of a new year and all we had heard was how tough life was going to be in 2015, I decided that I was going to go to God and get my own perspective. In talking to God, he spoke to my heart that the way we see life is determined by our understanding.

He further explained that the quality of our understanding is dependent on how we get it and ultimately, that understanding determines our perspective of life. Naturally, I had to ask how many types of understanding existed. Here is what I learnt:

There are two types of understanding: understanding by communication; and understanding by revelation. It turns out that one is superior to the other even though none of them is essentially bad.

Understanding by communication is what we get from books, people, mentors, teachers and so on. Some of us even get our understanding from the daily news channels, and this can go a long way in determining how we see life based on the source of our information.

One thing I have also learnt over the years as a Communicator is the fact that even though I say the same thing to a room of 500 people, the tendency that each person will take their learning based on what they are dealing with and where they are is very high. So even when the best information is passed down to us, our understanding can be determined by so many factors outside of what we have heard or been told.

Understanding by revelation is based on what you hear from God as a Christian, and it is determined by how rich and deep your ability to process the information you have received is… by the Holy Spirit. Most people take understanding from communication and begin to order their lives by it, while smart people especially leaders take what has been communicated to them, filter it through the lens of what God has said to them and based on what they are going through and want to achieve, then return to God for clarity on how to deploy the information they have received in their own lives and peculiar situations.At this point, what started as information begins to evolve into revelation and in my opinion, this is the moment where we own whatever we hear and begin to work it to yield our desired result.

Understanding by communication is a great way to begin, however, understanding by revelation is the better way to live and conduct our lives. Revelation gives us control over the information we have. It releases to us ownership and most importantly gives us a reason to continue to push even when what we are pushing isn’t making sense to others around us.

As a Leaderprenuer, Organic Leader or just someone with a dream, the only way you can make it to the finish line is if you walk by revelation while others are walking by communication.

Back to where I started, Nigeria, the election and all its attendant stress for most people; my question is ‘Did you hear from God?’ Because if you did, you will understand that no economic index or projections should be the basis upon which you plan. Well, at least for me that cannot be the basis upon which I plan… after all, I have a source far removed from what the dollar says. My source is God, and He never fails, neither will He fail you.

So again, are you walking by communication or revelation?

You will make it NeverTheLess.

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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