Welcome, it is a brand new month of October, and I am sure you have been asking yourself where the months went. Well, my answer; the same place all the other months went in the past. Time flies, waits for no one and all that, so what will you do about it? I will tell you what I am doing; I am doing my best to redeem the time.
In my school days, I did a bit of acting and even after school I dabbled a bit. I always enjoyed the stage, but I knew I wasn’t passionate enough to try and be someone else all the time as my job, so I found something else to do, and that is to be me.
One of the things I didn’t like about casting characters and still don’t like is typecasting. “This is when an actor or actress is assigned repeatedly to the same role, as a result of the appropriateness of their appearance or previous success in such roles”.
What is my beef with typecasting? Well, I think it is the fact that, at the back of my mind, acting is about creativity and the ability to be just about anyone we choose to be. So why become an actor/actress who only gets to play the same part over and over again?
Then there is another kind of casting this time from a broader perspective, and this is stereotyping; which is defined as “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular kind of person or thing”. (It seems I also dislike stereotyping).
So why do I hate or maybe hate is too strong a word, why do I dislike these two kinds of casting? Well, I believe it is my quest for versatility; an ability to be creative and be able to do one thing in many different ways. I enjoy seeing an actor who is able to ‘criss cross’ roles, from comedy to action to drama to romance and such like; and I concluded that life and dream land had to be like that too. No typecasting and no stereotyping…
However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that when we get into dream land and we begin to pursue and chase after the dream of our heart, we need to realise that part of what we are gunning for, is for our clients and customers to be able to actually typecast and stereotype us! We begin to realise that we have attained a level of specialty and specialisation, when those we serve are able to tell others repeatedly that we are the best in what we do and find it is so every time. We know we are doing something right when those we serve can simplify our reputation in a few words and keep it fixed there.
So even though in acting typecasting limits the actor and stereotyping gives an over simplified view of things and people, that is exactly what we require to become a Specialist in our field of dreams; the ability to do it over and over again with ease and excellence that those we serve begin to vouch for us and take it upon themselves to typecast us in that mould.Especially as I found out that living my life being me was already a typecast and stereotype of sorts. Amazing isn’t it?
I know you are wondering if you will get through this day, let alone become a typecast or stereotype and yes I can tell that dream land is fun when we are still asleep. However, I also know that your life will only take off as well as you want if you will step up to the plate and submit to do the same thing over and over again till we become the kings of typecast and stereotype in it.
One assurance I have though is that you will make it no matter what happens, after all your dream resonates from your DNA, it is who you are. You will make it NeverTheLess, I just know you will.
Here is to your success.

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