Everyone wants to be successful and I am no exception. I really want to be known as someone who is successful at what she does. However, in my quest for success I have had to take the time to define what success means to me personally and what the framework will be for my success.

In my quest I found out that ambition in a vacuum usually ends up as empty success. I have heard many a star and wealthy person declare without thinking that they would trade all that they have to find fulfilment. In my quest I realised that success outside the framework of Purpose leaves people empty and frustrated, so I decided to climb the mountain of success within the framework of my Purpose as dictated by my design.

To live the your best life everyday, you will have to stick with what you are created to do rather than what you want to be, because as far as I know, it doesn’t matter how long a bicycle stays in the car port, it can never become a car.

In today’s podcast, you will:

• Find out that your lifework or purpose doesn’t have to be difficult to be valuable
• Learn that purpose is not an ambition in a vacuum
• Discover the two parameters to your purpose- your Source and your design
• Find help in finding your Source
• Appreciate and learn to be comfortable in your design and develop your personal template
• Realise that you can only be what God has designed you to be
• Discern God’s calling for your life

You can download the transcript for this podcast here.

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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  1. Dear Bidemi,
    Thank you for another powerful message. I was richly blessed and I got a confirmation on an issue I had been battling with for a while. God bless you Sis!

    I fully agree with you that we can only be what God wants us to be. I have met people who argue that they can do all things through Christ who gives them strength, they go on to add that with God all things are possible. the danger is that these people spend their lives like you mentioned trying to be what God has not called them to be because they believe that they achieve anything they desire. Sometimes it ends in frustration and even backsliding.

    What would be your practical advise to these group of people?

    • Dear Stella

      Thanks for always stopping back and the feedback you send in. Your question has now necessitated a follow up podcast. So please tune in this Friday for answers to your question and more.

      God bless you, keep sharing too!

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