Hello good people. I am still travelling; though at the tail end of the trip now. Grateful to God for all the new places I got to see and the very many wonderful people I got to meet. More grateful still, for all the wonderful new relationships that have been birth and excitedly waiting to see where this all will lead in the journey towards destiny.
On today’s very post I want to talk about something my mother used to say to me while growing up; something I thought I understood well, but really became clearer as I saw it in living colour on this trip. She used to tell me when she will ask me to do any particular chore and I will complain that it was either beneath me or too much for me; that ‘there is dignity in labour’.
work hard
She used that phrase so much that we will parrot it or ‘mouth’ it even before she went into the sermon of why labour was an important part of living. I always thought it was her way of justifying what in my book then was ‘child labour’.
However, on this trip I saw a part of this statement that I believe we must all be careful to ensure we carry with us on our journey to destiny. For me it is the word ‘DIGNITY’. Dictionary defines the word as ‘the quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect’. In watching a lot of the people I met these past three weeks, I noticed how those I came in contact with operated from the state of being worthy of esteem and respect irrespective of what it was they did for a living.
I am used to seeing cab drivers who feel that cab driving is a mistake, not something to be enjoyed or something they should be proud of. House keepers who didn’t think their work was important or mattered. And that got me thinking, why do some of us feel that our work isn’t important? What makes a man who wakes up every day to a job, or business not celebrate the place he is at?
You may not be to be an astronaut; you may not discover the cure for HIV or Cancer. All you do may be to take care of the baggage of another man or watch over the children while their parents went about their business. If you will see what you do, as keeping guard and ensuring that the destinies you are entrusted with complete their assignments then you are doing great work and are definitely worthy of respect and esteem.
It is important on this walk to ensure that you don’t put yourself down nor allow another to put you down because you or they think that your work is not as important as it should be. Every one of us irrespective of what we do; is worthy of esteem and respect.
Your work is important and the attitude with which you go about doing what you do will go a long way to determine how others will treat you. It really doesn’t matter if all you do is mow the lawn as long as you are in the place where you have been called and you are giving it your best shot and making the world move on for others, you definitely are doing great work.
So today, before you get into that cab, take up that lawn mower, pick up the mop or step into that kindergarten class, remember that there is dignity in labour. Not only the dignity you derive from the pay that comes from the work you do, but also the fact that you are worthy of respect and esteem.
What you do is great work, and is definitely destiny work… and if you see it that way and give it all you have you, you will make it NeverTheLess. No one work is more important than the other; we all are doing great work.
Here is to your success.

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