God commands every living thing to bring forth after its kind- this includes your purpose too! Though it looks small or insignificant today, your purpose is a seed and has the capacity to grow and birth other dreams. Whatever your dream, it has a womb and only requires proper nurturing.

Discover how to grow your dream-seed or purpose and bring God glory in the end. Today’s podcast opens your eyes to the potential of your dream, if you work it well.

In this podcast, you will:

• Discover that every purpose begins as a seed and can birth other dreams too
• Realise that God wants you to start small and end big
• See the need for a growth plan and to grow personally for your dream to grow also
• Learn to take the small baby steps one after the other while growing
• Understand the place of mentoring in helping you grow in your purpose
• Discover the evergreen secret of consistency as a means of sustaining your growth

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Till next week

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!



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