I woke up recently and I started to think on a new journey I was embarking on. As I thought about it, I noticed a pattern. Most of my life in embracing my super power I have had to hold on to God and be taught by Him directly. This piece of information or realisation wasn’t exactly new to me, it has been the reason why I have stayed committed and pushed so fervently.  However, on this day it didn’t look like something I should celebrate,  the more I looked at it the more I saw myself as someone who was alone.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the first anniversary of my father’s death was fast approaching,  I really can’t tell. I just know that before I could check myself, I was a blubbering mess, crying so hard because I didn’t have what people call a god father in this business.  Honestly,  I was a mess.

The next day as I studied the Bible, I saw Matthew 13: 24-30. I know this parable and had read it and even taught it a number of times. But this day I saw with fresh eyes. I saw it like; I believe my father in heaven saw it. I saw that when the man who sowed good seeds attention was brought to the fact that there were Tares in the field where he had sown wheat, he wasn’t surprised.  He calmly responded “an enemy has done this”.  Then they suggested that maybe it was best they pulled the Tares out at once, and he calmly refused asking them to wait until harvest to reap and separate the wheat from the tares.  Tares to be burnt and Wheat into the barn.  Then it hit me!

God is not surprised by the peculiarities of my journey.  Even if He didn’t set them up, He has not had a problem of providing what I have needed and while if I had someone physical to go to it would be great, my journey wasn’t limited by that lack and I actually was at an advantage because that lack has made it imperative that I showed up before Heaven daily…
Then I saw it! What I was crying over wasn’t a curse, it has its advantages.  Not having man is the reason why I can rely on heaven greatly! So as I crave a physical relationship of that depth, and I wait on heaven to show me, I will continue to stand in the truth that I am favoured by heaven, because now I see that I am!

The way you see matters a whole lot.  It can liberate you or keep you bound. The way you see can be the elixir for your rising or the chains that hold you down. The way you see can be the motivation to do better for others or the music for your self pity.  The way you see will help you ride or keep you down for a long time.

As you continue on the journey today, don’t forget that how you see will inform how you do. If the sower didn’t waste his time and resources over ordinary Tares it must be that he knew something his servants didn’t. It is probably the fact that he was confident the soil had the capacity to hold both and the other truth that cutting prematurely will put the wheat at a risk because the tares look very much like the wheat.

Your journey isn’t powerful because it lacks its share of Tares, your journey is powerful because you have been graced to walk/work with the mode you have.

So this week, do as I advised myself to do. Chin up, back straight and a bold smile step out into the arena, your journey is perfect because your journey is not a surprise to your author and your journey is exactly what you need in the Now.

Speaking about Tares, I am sorry I have been away for so long!

Embrace your Super Power


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