A while ago, I stumbled upon an Eastern Africa proverb that said; “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.  This proverb captures the pivotal role that the right relationships play on our journey to Destiny.

As we continue the series, it is extremely important that we all know and understand how to nurture the right relationships once we find them.  That Confidants are into us and have no ulterior motif does not negate the fact that they are human beings who have needs of their own and should be appreciated and validated as they do us.

We need to be able to answer questions like, how do we transition our acquaintances into Confidants.  What is the yard stick for nurturing and managing these relationships?  Are there universal principles or are they peculiar?

Today, you will learn:

• Learn about The Rules of Engagement
• Understand the process of transition from Acquaintance to Confidants
• Discover the five E’s of collaboration
• Recognise that collaboration is for value and
• Realise how to nurture your relationships amongst others.

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