A Crucible moment is a situation of severe trial or in which different elements interact leading to the creation of something new.  Every time a person goes through a crucible moment in life, it is pertinent to recognise quickly that the moment has the potential to elevate that life or cripple it forever. What determines which way the axe will swing is how the individual reacts to the crucible; punishment or advantage.

Some people have the honour to go through a crucible so huge that regardless of how they respond their lives are changed and so are the lives of all that are connected to them.  However, for most of us, crucibles happen in small doses over time and as are resulted can even go unnoticed by the one facing them. 

One thing that is common to all crucibles though is that whether they are big or small, they usually can change the trajectory of a person’s life forever.  On today’s Show, we explore Crucibles and discuss how to take advantage of the power within them.  You will learn:

  • The three common ways crucibles happen.
  • That crucibles are powerful and can alter lives forever.
  • That a crucible moment is just a moment and not your entire life
  • That a crucible moment does not negate the assignment on your life
  • To realise that crucibles are not peculiar to you.
  • That the effect of crucibles are determined by the decisions we make.
  • To keep the vision of where you are going when in a crucible moment.

I tell the story of my friend and Sista Irene Olumese and you can find the rest of her story here.  Let’s continue the conversation on Social Media.  Follow me on Twitter here, Instagram and Facebook here.

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