In living your dream or becoming the Organic Leader that you are – there is a need to live from the inside out, you want to be sure what your true passion is and whether you are applying it correctly. Passion is a key tool in bringing to the earth what God has shown us on the inside. It is God’s essence in us and it drives us to achieve our dream or purpose. You can’t really be fulfilled if you are not passionate about your dream.

Are you truly living in your passion? Today’s show shines the light on Passion and how to test what your true passion is.

In this episode you will:

  • Learn that your passion flows from your DNA- the essence of God that you carry
  • Be able to discern what your real passion is among the many things you enjoy doing
  • Understand how to make your passion work for you by aligning your interests and finding a common denominator in your passion.
  • Receive clarity for your true passion
  • Realise when you are pushing too hard and you need to take a break to re-calibrate.
  • Recognise that the agenda for your passion is impact over money

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