Brand new week, brand new heart, is my motto for this week. What is yours? I have always been fascinated about the heart and its influence over the behavior of people and the results they produce. My finding buttresses the fact that the seen is controlled by the unseen. So, if we want to better understand people and why they experience the things they do, we would need to check their roots- the heart.

This past Saturday, we had one of our gatherings and we took an in-depth look at the heart… how what we constantly interact with shapes the content of the heart and how it’s content shape our life experiences… It was eye opening!

You see, the heart is like a factory; it takes what we put in it and produces all sorts of things- thoughts, attitudes, words, strongholds, behaviors and character. If we would shape our lives intentionally, then we must expose ourselves to things that we would want to experience, behavioral traits we admire but lack and thought patterns that would enable us say things that are “seasoned with salt” and are not bland.

My questions to you today are, what are you constantly exposing yourself to? What are the things that are flowing into your heart? Do you even know? Are you conscious of what you expose yourself to? Well, you should. Because what flows into your heart will automatically flow out of your life in ways that you do not expect especially when you are pressed. Why not ensure that the things that flow out of you are the things you truly want by ensuring what goes into you is right. For instance, I stopped watching TV; not because it is the devil’s box but because I wanted control over what I imbibe. In it’s place I subscribed to an online service where I only click on what I want to feed myself with.

It takes that level of intentionality concerning the things and the people you listen to if your outflow will be clean, positive and empowering. Exercise caution about the places you go to and the scenes you watch or entertain, the words of your mouth and especially what you think. Speak carefully because you are actually listening to yourself.

The heart of the matter is that you are responsible for the power or lack thereof your life exhibits. So please be careful this week!

Embrace your Super Power!

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