Most dreams begin small!  The ideas that birth them even when grande usually have to start small.  Even when we are clear on how huge the potential is, when it comes to translating it to tangible terms, most people are constrained either by resources or support to start small.  However, beyond the constraints, I am finding that it is actually safer to start small and grow into your full potential over time.

With this in mind, be careful how you handle or treat your seed idea today because it might turn out to be what feeds an entire nation or generation. Remember the boy with two fish and five loaves? Every seed is a promise for the future; honour your seed and mind how you treat it. The Bible admonishes us not to despise the day of small beginnings. Every dream evolves and grows as you do, it is therefore unwise to only want to birth big things.

Don’t fold your hands, start the process of your dream today! Begin small. That small thing is bound to evolve into greatness if you do it well.

On today’s show, we buttress the fact that every great dream, revival or movement in the world started small and your dream isn’t different.  Click on listen and you will:

  • Learn how to start small while keeping the end picture in mind
  • Understand that baby steps are okay and starting where you are and doing what you can are extremely important
  • Realise that starting small is about building muscles so that you get used to doing
  • Understand what you tend to gain when you start small
  • See how starting small affords you the opportunity to tweak as you go along
  • Realise that small mistakes are better afforded than big ones
  • See the value of starting small.

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Till next week…

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