The grind of making a living can make us relegate to the background of our lives the issue of fulfilment and satisfaction. A powerful life is not a life lived doing whatever we please, it is rather that life lived within the confines of our God ordained Purpose.

To do this you must discover your best use, discern the parameters of your purpose and design your life to fill those parameters. Success is not ambition in a vacuum but a life lived within God’s specific design for us.

Today’s podcast will:

• Show you that real success is not ambition in a vacuum
• Enlighten you that success is living within the framework of your purpose
• Challenge you to achieve more and get better results by finding your best use and
sticking with it.
• Take you through 7 basic questions to find out if you are in your purpose or doing
your life work.
• Show you how to properly transit from a bridge job to your life work
• Activate and empower you to live purposefully in your race of destiny

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Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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  1. Dear Bidemi,
    Thank you for answering my question. I have listened to this podcast several times because I think the message cannot be fully digested by listening only once!
    Success is something you do within the framework of purpose/ the paremeters that God has set for you- powerful insight. I am going to run with this new definition of success. This means that what someone may term success is really not success if it is outside of what God has set a person up to do. How often we put ourselves under pressure because of wrong definitions of success!
    So enlighting.

    As usual, I am sharing.

    God bless you richly and keep podcasting, indeed 20 years and beyond this legacy will live on.

    • Thanks so much Stella.

      Your feedback is invaluable and appreciated. Yes, the idea is that for most people what is tripping them isn’t a lack of success but a wrong definition of success. Talk about Romans 12:1-2. A renewal of our minds is important periodically.

      Amen to your prayer and thanks so much again. Please can I ask you a favour and say can you follow the link to iTunes and leave a review for the podcast? It will be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks and have a great weekend ahead of you and a fabulous month of May.


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